Welcome dear Websurfer !

I'm Jean-Loup Adde, a 25 year old software developer at Claranet. I have a crush on all the technologies around the web. That's why my website is kinda of a patchwork of technology. For example the chat section uses node.js (it's down for the moment for security issues), the blog section uses django, I'll not list them all. I really enjoyed making this website and I have written everything that I have used to make this website on the 'About' section. If you are interested and have any questions about anything or just to say hi do not hesitate to send me a message or a little tweet, I will appreciate it!

This website is totally free and will never use adverts to make profits. If you want to contribute of the survey of this website, I created a Flattr account, but you can also participate giving me articles ideas or video games to try !

The chat is not available for the moment (coming soon, hopefully). Currently, on this (awesome) website, you will be able to find: