Jean-Loup giving an introduction of the django framework at Codeurs En Seine in Rouen.

Jean-Loup Adde

Site Reliability Engineer / Software developer

Hello, my name is Jean-Loup Adde and I am a 25 year old Site Reliability Engineer at Blockchain. I love experimenting and using new technologies around software and web development. I'm quite a passionate to make life easier for users but aswell for developers and that's why I'm huge fan of continuous intgeration and automatization.

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  • - code

    My own website,, where you currently find yourself and have the pleasure to browse. This project contains the resume, the portal, the responsive menu and the 404 page.

    Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, javascript, SASS, jQuery 1.11, Font Awesome, Responsive Web Design, Git

  • Git Hooks - code

    Hooks for git to block every commit that doesn't match the standard choosed by the syntax requirements of the projects. Hooks are available for python with pep8 and for javascript with jshint.

    Technologies used: Bash, git.

  • Language router - code

    Router created for the language switch and management for The language management follows the W3C requirements (cookie and autodetection with the HTTP header).

    Technologies used: Golang, javascript, git

  • juanwolf's blog - code

    A blog where I write my own technical reviews and video games articles.

    Technologies used: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery 1.11, Git, Gatling, Jenkins, Travis, Gitlab CI, Grunt, Bower

  • Juanwolf's chat - code

    A chat where you can talk with me (unbelievable I know).

    Technologies used: javascript, node.js,, nodemailer, express.js, HTML5, desktop notifications, CSS3, SASS, jQuery 1.11, git.

  • juanwolf's blog app - code - Google Play

    A ionic 2 application retrieving informations from the REST API of the blog.

    Technologies used: Ionic 2, AngularJS 2, SASS, CSS3, SASS, Git

  • Blog application for Codeurs En Seine 2015 - code

    Little django application live coded during the presentation 'django introduction' in Codeurs En Seine 2015

    Technologies used: HTML5, Bootstrap, git, django, reveal.js


  • DRUMS - Discovery, Retrieval & Understanding of Music System

    Project joining together all the promotion (33 students) 2014/2015 of the GIL Master degree divided in 5/6 students team. I have been supervising two team. Before to start the project I gave a git formation to the promotion (slides in french). During the project, I installed a whole software factory (Jenkins, Maven, Tomcat, Nexus, Apache). I developed a "Service Checker" for Tomcat to know the state of the different web services in the Tomcat developed with Valentin Jouanigot. I also developed few scripts to automatise the steps to pass the project to the production environment. I have been in charge of the servers and the production stability and I made a feedback article of the project here.

    Technologies used: Jenkins, nexus, apache, tomcat 7, maven, spring, angular js, html5, css3.

  • Agora

    A web platform for chessboard games. It was a six month project assigned as part of the project management module. I was given the task to develop the node.js module and administrate the distant server provided by the university. Role: System administrator and technical chief.

    Technologies used: code igniter, PHP 5, HTML5, CSS3, node.js, jQuery 1.9, bash

  • Resume Manager REST Server - code

    A server that provides XML resumes. Based on a REST architecture, only the GET and PUT are implemented.

    Technologies used: java 7, spring, git

  • SuperAddeRESTDroid - code

    A Phonegap application that uses the XML REST Server. Only the GET and PUT methods are implemented.

    Technologies used: phonegap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery 2.0, ajax, jQuery Mobile 1.4.2

  • Rush Hour

    A swing application about the rush hour game (A web version of the game).

    Technologies used: swing, java 6

  • Web calendar

    A web application that gives the user the ability to manage events and customize their own calendar.

    Technologies used: XHTML, CSS 2, javascript, PHP 5, MySQL, ajax, jQuery 1.9

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